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Commit 4aefaec8 authored by Lei Wang's avatar Lei Wang
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it is also possible to do torch.symeig

parent 22dd9226
......@@ -23,6 +23,10 @@ def ctmrg(Tin, d, Dcut, no_iter):
truncation_error += S[D_new:].sum()/S.sum()
P = U[:, :D_new] # projection operator
#S, U = torch.symeig(A, eigenvectors=True)
#truncation_error += 1.-S[-D_new:].sum()/S.sum()
#P = U[:, -D_new:] # projection operator
C = (P.t() @ A @ P) #(D, D)
C = (C+C.t())/2.
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