Advanced Computing Platform for Theoretical Physics


Commit b5b5f4df authored by mikeaclark's avatar mikeaclark
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Small makefile fix

git-svn-id: be54200a-260c-0410-bdd7-ce6af2a381ab
parent 631b5692
CCFILES := inv_bicgstab_cuda.cpp inv_cg.cpp util_cuda.cpp gauge_cuda.cpp spinor_quda.cpp
CUDA_INSTALL_PATH = /usr/local/cuda-
CUDA_INSTALL_PATH = /usr/local/cuda
INCLUDES = -I. -I$(CUDA_INSTALL_PATH)/include -I$(CUDA_INSTALL_PATH)/../cuda_sdk/common/inc
LIB = -L$(CUDA_INSTALL_PATH)/lib -lcudart
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